We strive to hold ourselves to high sustainability standards. our commitment to organic, recycle & sustainable products having Zero Liquid Discharge and transition to Solar Energy embody our focus towards this responsibility.

  • We have first Zero liquid discharge plant.

  • Our solar energy plant produces electricity for 25% of our total consumption

Our policies are based on


The company strictly adheres to all the environmental laws laid out by the authorities to prevent environmental degradation.


Committed to environmental laws, we conduct regular audits to enhance the efficiency of the production process. We are also opting for ways to reduce carbon emissions and conserve resources.


Sahu Exports encourages efficient and optimum use of all the resources. From electricity to water and manufacturing to packaging of products, the company strictly follows a minimum wastage policy.


The Company actively follows three R’s of the environment that is ‘Reduce’, ‘Reuse’ and ‘Recycle’.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sahu Exports plays a key role in the fashion industry with extensive clientele around the globe. We, as a global brand, are more accountable for social responsibilities. Therefore, Sahu has instigated the CSR policies as a self-regulating mechanism, parallel to the workings of the company. We consider employees as the active agents in these initiatives wherein, they are affiliated with various groups undertaking various activities such as entertainment, sports, and social welfare programmes.

  • Female employees trained under HER PROJECT
  • There are dedicated centres for providing training to female employees