Pattern Making

Pattern making plays a decisive role in the production of garments. It is basically making patterns of a product in 2D or 3D either on paper or on computer using CAD technology. Sahu Exports has a team of dynamic designers who fiercely design revolutionary garments. The designers adopt the following procedure in pattern making to develop awe inspiring designs:

Measurement: The team of designers pays special attention to the measurements furnished by the client. They always prefer to leave some room for alterations, if needed, at a later stage.

Detailing: The designers at Sahu Exports pay special attention to the detailing of each garment such as collar, buttons and cuffs. Detailing is one of the most important aspects of a garment as it complements the overall look and fit of a garment.

Material: With a vast industry experience, our designers always select the best fabric that ensures a fascinating and highly comfortable end product.

Pattern Making: The final phase is the pattern making, wherein our designers combine the information of the aforementioned steps to make a pattern of the garment.

We have been recognized in the market for our aggressively beautiful and innovative designs. The strategic approach adopted by the company has led to a position that has been a subject of envy among our competitors in the fashion industry.