Sahu Exports plays a key role in the fashion industry with extensive clientele around the globe. We, as a global brand, are more accountable towards social responsibilities. Therefore, Sahu has instigated the CSR policies as a self regulating mechanism, parallel to the workings of the company. We consider employees as the active agents in these initiatives wherein, they are affiliated in various groups undertaking various activities such as entertainment, sports and social welfare programmes.

Intensive Initiatives

We are committed to provide a stress free and ethical working environment to our employees. With a perspective to promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees and their families, we organize Get Together parties, Tours, Picnics, Health Programmes and Fitness Seminars within the company. The company also has a promising committee that prohibits child labor, forced labor and discrimination within the organization.

Extensive Initiatives

Sahu Exports is considerate of the environmental changes and realizes the need for measures to tackle the issues such as global warming and scarcity of resources. We take active initiatives to control carbon footprints. The employees have been directed to adopt an economical working environment by limiting the use of lifts, air-conditioners, refrigerators and switching off other electrical equipments when not in use. Besides this, we also undertake frequent Tree Plantation and Rain Harvesting drives to develop a lush green environment around our facilities.